Superb Tarkov Halloween Event 2023: A Powerhouse of Spooky In-Game Adventures

Tarkov Halloween Event: Escape From Tarkov is known for its gaming events that challenge players throughout the year. Currently, players in Tarkov are engaging in a high-intensity Halloween event that pushes their abilities to the limits and offers fantastic rewards. In recent years, Tarkov has hosted increasingly complex and inventive events, making this Halloween event a crucial one.

Our guide below is exactly what one might need, to participate in this event with minimum challenges. Much like many of Tarkov’s events, success in this one heavily depends on your abilities as a PMC. Everything is fine in this guide; we detail the steps you need to follow. However, it’s up to you to hone your sharpshooting skills to navigate this gruesome event.

Are You Ready? Let’s Dive into the Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event.

Tarkov Halloween Event: Here Comes Zryachiy

This year, it’s all about Zryachiy, and he’s coming armed with treats and guns – but not the kind you’ve seen before. To conquer the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event, you’ll need our step-by-step guide (with some pro-level tips).

He’s Friendly, for Now

On every map, you’ll have the opportunity to find Zryachiy, one of Tarkov’s new inhabitants introduced last year in the Lighthouse. He’s friendly at first, and when you approach him, he’ll scatter loot all over the floor. However, Tarkov’s Halloween event begins when you take advantage of his friendliness and eliminate him without any challenge.


Once you’ve taken down Zryachiy, you’ll notice that all extracts on the map are locked essentially. Every other player will have their extracts locked, and there’s a significant obstacle in reopening them.

Halt the Ritual

Now, it’s time to find the Cultist’s Ritual in progress, disrupt it, and put a stop to it. Locating it isn’t too difficult, as it’s marked with a conspicuous large Shiv on a blue-colored flag that now extends into the stormy skies. When you make your way to the ritual site, be prepared to face off against fanatical Cultists who are hell-bent on resurrecting Zryachiy. Your mission? Stop them in their tracks and prevent this unholy revival at all costs.

Be Aware

If you fail to halt the ritual, a “Vengeful Zryachiy” is summoned from the dead, and taking him down is nearly impossible. Every body part, including his head and chest, boasts 6,666 health, which adds up to almost 40,000 HP. He’s relentless, and this colossal creature won’t stop until you reach the very edge of the map. One of the most skillful and well-coordinated team might stands a chance against him. However, if you are able to defeat this monster, the rewarded is pretty fantastic.

Key Tips for the Tarkov Halloween Event

This is the path you’ll need to tread, but here are a few key tips to ensure your success:

  • Green Flares don’t work on Cultists (you can’t ally with them), but they work on Gluhar’s minions, which can help you in battling the Cultists.
  • If Cultists can complete their ritual, a Debaf debuff is applied to your weapon, rendering it useless, so make sure to bring along a spare.
  • Perfotoran and xTG-12 are the only medical items that can neutralize Cultist toxins, so make sure to carry one or two.
  • Cultists have been assigned to the event and their footsteps are audible and they can appear on thermal scopes.
  • If you’re playing as a Scav and Zryachiy’s ritual is complete, you can also hunt him and his Cultists down.

Isn’t this intriguing? Make the most of it—Tarkov’s Halloween event won’t last much longer!

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