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Is Kim Jong Un

Global Power Play 2023: Is Kim Jong Un visiting Russia for new conspiracy?

Is Kim Jong un visiting Russia? On Monday, North Korea and Russia announced that, Kim Jong Un will be visiting Russia. This visit is creating quite a buzz because it’s highly anticipated that he will meet with President Vladimir Putin. A statement was mentioned on the official website for the kremlin that the invitation was...


Catastrophical Hurricane: Confronting the Impact and Reclaiming Hope After Florida’s Hurricane Idalia 2023

On Wednesday, a coastal storm, classified as a Category 3 hurricane, collided with Florida as Hurricane Idalia. The outcome was extensive destruction all along the Gulf Coast, with houses and vehicles engulfed by water, streets transformed into flowing streams, little boats left marooned, and electrical lines giving way in places that had never encountered such...

UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill 2023 Shooting: Faculty member Shot & Killed

As per statements from university authorities and law enforcement, a graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill reportedly shot and fatally wounded a faculty member on Monday afternoon. Afterwards, the campus was placed under complete lockdown for several hours. A graduate student studying applied physical sciences called Tailei Qi, was considered a person of interest and was...


Lunar Ambitions 2023: The Enigma of India’s Unforgettable Mission to the Moon

In a momentous step, New Delhi witnessed a historic event on Wednesday as India achieved a remarkable feat by successfully landing a lunar spacecraft in close proximity to the Moon’s South Pole. The nation’s future technological advancement and its influence on the global economy are expected to be considerably amplified by the valuable amounts of...

Dodger Stadium

Submerged Stories of Dodger Stadium: Exploring the 2023 Unforgettable Flood

A viral aerial video of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles has left many social media users convinced that the stormy waters from Hurricane Hilary engulfed the ballpark at the end of the week. “Dodger Stadium has turned into an island,” reads a popular post on Twitter, once known as the “Tweet from Above.” The footage...


Earthquake: Exploring the Recent Tragedy of the 2023 in South Carolina

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Sunday near Ojai shook the greater Southern California region. This came as the residents were already dealing with heavy rainfall due to the powerful Hurricane Hilary. At approximately 2:41 PM, the seismic tremor reverberated across Southern California, making its presence keenly known. Scott Thompson, the Director of Communications...