Glamour at the Streamy Awards 2023: Celebrating the Best in Online Content and Creators

Streamy Awards

After establishing a partnership with Bud Light earlier in the year to set up co-streaming, social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who faced the Trans Fob backlash at the beginning of the year, was honored at the Streamy Awards on Sunday night for his impact on social media creators.

Streay Awards Winners 2023

Streamy Awards 2023

Mulvaney secured the Breakout Creator Award at the ceremony held at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. In a touching address, he passionately encouraged the crowd to wholeheartedly back the LGBTQ+ community and highlighted that both communities are not that much different from each other. He took care to stress that their viewpoints frequently encounter misunderstandings from individuals who lack a genuine comprehension.

Mulvaney made a flip towards the incident when Bud Light distanced itself from him after transgender content creators raised a collective voice against him in an organized campaign. The well-known TikTok influencer stepped forward and escalated his dedication to supporting those impacted by the hurtful events in the world of streaming.

“If we can influence people to buy a $25 smoothie at Erewhon, then we can do this too,” Mulvaney expressed.

Under the leadership of YouTube star MatPat, the 13th annual Streamy Awards were an overall success. AMP, Ryan Trahan, Jay Shetty, Mikayla Nogueira, HasanAbi, and Kai Cenat were among the prominent nominated contenders in the Best Audience Interaction category. A significant number of attendees helped youngsters recognize social media stars from toddlers to teens, extending as far as 20 items.

The speeches of gratitude were short and heartening, straying away from the usual long lists of agents, managers, and publicists that are commonly heard at award ceremonies. Most victors included some variations of “thank you for defining me” in their speeches.

Self-reflection did occur occasionally, though. Creator of “Dear Diary” YouTube series, Michelle Khan, won the Show of the Year Streamy. Khan challenged the notion that social media content is cheap and quickly churned out. She stated it takes about 12 months for each 15- to 35-minute episode to be prepared. Her show featured, training as an illusionist to learning 911 dispatching, presenting documentation of extraordinary challenges.

Khan revealed, “It’s a show that will never get the green light anywhere else.” As a social media influencer, she noted, “The only barrier to entry was the upload button.”

The Creator of the Year accolade was bestowed upon perennial fourth-year YouTuber MrBeast. The name behind the persona, Jimmy Donaldson, was not present at the event. Adding a touch of humor, the Link portion of popular social media duo Rhett and Link, who presented the Best Comedy award, quipped about MrBeast, “If you keep giving him awards, he needs to start showing up.”

“It was accepted as a challenge,” said Misheel Khan, hosting the Streamy Awards. The Diary of a Deer YouTube series won the Show of the Year accolade. Khan challenged the idea that social media content is cheap and quickly made. She mentioned that it takes about 12 months to prepare each 15- to 35-minute episode.

Khan shared, “It’s a show that will never get the green light anywhere else.” As a social media content creator, she remarked, “The only barrier to entry was the upload button.”

Meghan Trainor won the Rolling Stone Sound of the Year award for her catchy hit “My You Look” from Nantucket. “I wrote this for my nonbinary body,” said the born-and-raised Nantucket singer-songwriter who won the Best New Artist Grammy in 2016.

Among the contenders for Show of the Year, there were 10 impressive programs: “AMP,” “BRYCE,” “Challenge Accepted,” “Chicken Shop Date,” “Good Mythical Morning,” “Hot Ones,” “I spent a day with,” “RDCWorld,” “Sam and Colby,” and “UNHhhh.” Additionally, the 10 nominees recognized for the title of Streamer of the Year were Emiru, HasanAbi, Ironmouse, IShowSpeed, Kai Cenat, Ludwig, Quackity, Tarik, Valkyrae, and xQc.

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