Pokemon GO Power Play 2023: Leveling Up Your Adventure in the Real World

Pokemon GO has announced that during this month’s Harvest Festival event, the rare and shiny variant of Gen 9’s Smoliv will be introduced into the game.

Halloween Season and Invitations from Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO players are gearing up for an invitation this Halloween season, as the hit mobile game is set to unveil many events in the month of October. Not only will players have the opportunity to participate in Pokemon GO’s October Community Day, featuring Timber with a special move, but also the Harvest Festival and Halloween events will take place during this month.

The Harvest Festival events lineup is the first among these, showcasing the introduction of Gen 9 critter Smoliv and its evolutions, Dolliv and Arboliva. Players will have the chance to test and capture these shiny variants.

The Charm of Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Shiny Pokemon variants are a hot commodity among Pokemon GO players, adding a special zest to their in-game experience. During in-game events, there’s a higher likelihood of encountering shiny variants, which set them apart from their regular forms with a palette of alternate colors. While some shiny variants are very obvious among a few regular ones, others have a subtle shine that appeals to many players, contrasting with their regular forms. Smoliv brings a unique shine to its design, making players want to ensure they catch one during the Harvest Festival event.

Pokemon GO

Understanding the Difference in Shiny Smoliv

Details about the shiny variant of Smoliv have been clarified. As the name suggests, Smoliv is a grass/ordinary type critter based on olives, showcasing a light green color on its body with green and yellow olives on its head. This green olive could be based on a variety like Manzanilla due to its similar color and shape, but it could also be inspired by Picholine or Cerignola olives. When it evolves into Dolliv, it maintains the color of just one olive, instead of creating a mix, unlike in its base form. However, when it evolves into Arboliva, the olives change to a different type, particularly turning to a dark color reminiscent of Kalamata olives.

In contrast to its regular form, Smoliv’s shiny variant transforms its green olive color into a black olive, a pickled type of olive commonly found in cans or on foods like pizza. This fun reference emphasizes the variety of olives while also giving Smoliv a distinctive shiny form that can be easily recognized from its regular appearance. It’s interesting to note that both Dolliv and Arboliva, despite their consistent shiny forms, maintain the same black olive color as opposed to Smoliv, where the shiny variant differs from both Dolliv and Arboliva.

Harvest Festival Event: A Shiny Hunt for Trainers

Apart from Smoliv, there are various other critters in Pokemon GO whose shiny possibilities will be increased during the Harvest Festival event, including Bellsprout, Exeggcute, Petilil, and Cottonnee. Furthermore, different forms of Burmy will be part of field research tasks during this event, and each one has a higher chance of being shiny. With the introduction of Smoliv and its evolutions and the increased chances of finding shiny forms of them and other critters, there are many reasons for players to look forward to Pokemon GO’s Harvest Festival event, which runs from October 12th to October 17th.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon GO.

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