ExcelGPT Empowerment 2023: Supercharge Your Microsoft Excel Experience with ChatGPT Integration

ExcelGPT: Microsoft may be introducing a surprising new revolution, with its latest update for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This feature may also be known as ExcelGPT and it may be the forefront of the AI wave.

Microsoft’s Excel Integration

This week, Microsoft unveiled several new integrations with Excel GT-P, one of which is set to bring Microsoft Excel from a spreadsheet software to a complete integration with Bong GT, a chat platform.

As reported by Windows Latest, this move will allow users to create a table in a Bong GT chat using real-time data feeds or requests. Afterward, the platform creates a table that can be opened within an Excel web app and edited right there, meaning you won’t have to leave your initial chat.

ExcelGPT: Testing the Feature

In their testing, Windows Latest found that the collaboration is happening in real-time and capable of assembling a wide variety of data sources for building tables, rather than exporting and opening separately in Excel. This new feature ExcelGPT, is currently in testing, and it might see further expansion with local Office 365 applications.

On other fronts, ChatGPT, integration with other Microsoft 365 tools, including Word and PowerPoint, appears to be getting closer, with the feature coming soon. Windows Latest observed a menu that allows you to integrate these apps, and the tool can access their information and contextually incorporate them into your conversation, just like with Google Workspace services, these include Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Windows Compliance Tool

This is very much in line with Windows Compliance’s current system, which analyzes and inspects your Microsoft 365 files for information and context and deems them useful for discussions or ongoing projects.

The company recently announced the general availability of Microsoft 365 Copilot, but users will need to be on top of their existing Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscriptions, shelling out at least $9,000 per month to access it.

The access to this feature may be a bit too expensive. But People are still waiting for this new update and it’s expected to usher in an exciting evolution in the world of Microsoft. Stay tuned for more details!

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