Chills and Thrills: Dead by Daylight Chucky Edition – Unleashing the Power of Horror 2023

Dead by Daylight Chucky: For fans of classic horror films, there’s a new playable killer on the block, eagerly anticipated in Dead by Daylight: everyone’s favorite (or at least not-so-favorite) killer doll, Chucky, is joining the game.

New Playable Killer: Dead by Daylight Chucky

Curious about when Chucky will be unleashed? Find out more below.

So far, multiplayer horror games have introduced characters from various franchises. In Child’s Play, we now have Michael Myers and Ghost Face from the Child’s Play franchise, and, finally, Chucky – or Tiffany, Chucky’s bride – has joined the roster.

Chucky is undoubtedly smaller than the other killers in Dead by Daylight. This means he plays differently, bringing his own set of killer skills to the game. He also lends his original voice actor, Brad Dourif, to the game, delivering new lines for the foul-mouthed killer doll.

Release Date for Dead by Daylight Chucky

Dead by Daylight Chucky is set for November 28, 2023, as confirmed by the development team. This aligns with the launch of Chapter 30, introducing Chucky into the game.

Based on past update release times, we expect Chucky to be available for use around 4 PM on November 28th. After installing the Chapter 30 update, boot up the game, and Chucky should be there, ready for you to play alongside.

To unlock Dead by Daylight Chucky, you’ll need to purchase the Curse of Chucky DLC, which costs 500 Auric Cells. You can buy Auric Cells from the in-game store or your preferred digital storefront. In the UK, 500 Auric Cells should cost around £3.99. So, if you’re keen on playing as the Chucky Killer, it’s an affordable addition.

By purchasing the Chucky Chapter DLC, you’ll immediately unlock the playable Chucky Killer and the alternative Good Gal Outfit. This outfit lets you play as Tiffany Valentine – Chucky’s bride – voiced by Jennifer Tilly.

In terms of gameplay, Chucky (and Tiffany) has been designed to provide a unique and engaging experience. Developers of Dead by Daylight assure players that playing as Chucky will feel like a documented experience.

In the Daylight, What’s Chucky’s Perks in Dead by Daylight?

Chucky comes with three unique perks. Here they are:

  • Hex: Can hex two survivors | Blind any living survivor who surprises or blinds you.
  • Friend Until the End: When you hook a survivor that is not insane, insanity will be revealed and briefly display your glow. When you hook insanity, a disordered survivor will scream and insanity will reveal itself.
  • Batteries Included: Whenever a generator is completed, entering its vicinity will give you an increase in movement speed until you remain within the limit.

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