Dynamic Duo Trey Lance and the Cowboys 2023: A Potential NFL Partnership Explored

Trey Lance

Trey Lance is still settling into his new environment, and even though he’s now a regular, he’s excited to stay with the Dallas Cowboys after a trade with the San Francisco 49ers last Saturday.

Lance stated that he tried his best not to have any expectations. However, the moment he heard the word “Cowboys,” he got very excited on his way there and could barely control the big smile on his face.

Back in 2021, when the Niners nominated him with the third overall pick, leaving behind three first-round choices to go up to the Miami Dolphins at No. 12, Lance had expected a prolonged career in San Francisco. According to ESPN’s stats and information, he’s played in only eight games, the fewest by any top-five pick with the franchise in its history since the common draft era began in 1967, excluding the 2023 draft class. After completing two seasons, Lance had achieved 56 of 102 passes for 797 yards with five touchdown passes and three interceptions.

Trey Lance: Unveiling the Potential Future Partnership

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Afterwards, Lance stated that, there were many things that he did not expect to go the way they did, for a lot of people. However, he believes that whatever happened, happened for a reason. He expressed that, he was confident that his presence on the team had a purpose and so his main aim was to put in maximum effort to make a substantial contribution towards the team’s achievements.

After news broke that the Niners were sticking with starter Broc Prisco at quarterback, Lance was given time to gather his thoughts as the 49ers executed a potential trade, eventually selecting the Cowboys’ fourth-round choice in 2024.

Lance is embarking on an unfamiliar journey; one he admitted is very different from Kyle Shanahan’s scheme in San Francisco. He won’t be asked to expedite his progress behind Dak Prescott and Cooper Rush any time soon as he wouldn’t be learning the Dak Presscott under Mike McCarthy, who worked with Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Brett Favre and future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

Lance mentioned that, being aware of the history of the organization, it was surreal for him to be there at the time. Lance said, “Clearly, they think of it as one of the high-end, historical organizations, but for me, coming here, I’m really fired up. It’s been good meeting everyone.” He mentioned that, “Taking a deep breath of fresh air and being with the guys over the last couple of days, has rejuvenated him and he believes that he has learnt a lot just from the ball.”

Lance first contacted Prisco on Tuesday, although they had crossed paths before. When Lance suffered a severe knee injury last year, Prisco, who had endured a broken right ankle in 2020, reached out.

He said he’s looking forward to learning ‘everything’ from Prisco.

‘He’s a guy like no other, first off,’ Lance said. Furthermore, he stated that, he believes how Prisco treats and interacts with them in the building. ‘Day in, day out. I just texted him and had that conversation after I got hurt in the knee, those kinds of things. However, that is just the type of guy he is. And it’s apparent that football speaks for itself. I’m still learning a lot from this and if you install one, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a long way to go to really understand how it fully functions. But I’m definitely looking forward to soaking everything up. ‘

Lance is only a few miles away from The Star in Frisco, where he won a national championship for North Dakota State in the FCS national championship. He also trained in Fort Worth alongside his personal coach, Jeff Christensen, this offseason.

‘Hopefully, I won’t bring any snow with me, but, yeah, there are a lot of good memories in Frisco,’ Lance said. In the end, lance mentioned to be Hopeful and that things will work out in the end.

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