Reign Redefined 2023: the great King Charles III – A Year of Power, Change, and Controversy

King Charles III

This upcoming Friday is poised to hold a mixture of emotions for the British royal clan, commemorating not just the inaugural year of King Charles III’s rule but also the solemn remembrance of one year since the sad farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. The beloved monarch peacefully transitioned in her Balmoral Bolt Hole last year, just a few months shy of the 70th anniversary of her historic Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

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The Powerful Shift After King Charles III’s Ascension Following Queen Elizabeth II’s Passing

Charles is currently at Balmoral, an idyllic estate with a shared affection for him and his mother, who used to retreat there each year for the summer break. Questions had arisen about whether the King would continue this tradition, but those speculations were put to rest a few weeks ago with his arrival.

Charles has chosen to keep a low profile since attending church, opting for a quiet personal day – much like his mother did at Sandringham House, where his father, King George VI, passed away in his sleep in 1952.

The King, after a brief appearance at church, has decided to spend the day away from public view, managing the solemn day with deep personal reflection, a manner akin to how his mother spent her accession days, which she often observed privately at Sandringham.

Across the Irish Sea, Prince William and Princess Kate will celebrate the day in a low-key private ceremony to commemorate their anniversary.

The couple will visit St. David’s Cathedral, one of Britain’s smallest cities in Pembrokeshire, Wales, as part of their day. Since St. David, the patron saint of Wales, established his religious community there in the 6th century.

Prince Harry, too, has shown his respect for his grandmother, speaking at a charity event in London held as part of the memorial service marking the anniversary. He mentioned, “You might be aware that I couldn’t be part of the awards last year due to the passing of my grandmother.”

The duke returned to the UK for a brief visit to the organization he has supported for more than a decade. Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, was not with her husband in the UK’s capital, but it’s expected that she will join him shortly after the Games kick off in Germany.

Queen Elizabeth’s death anniversary marks the transition from her legacy to the beginning of Charles’s reign. In the minds of many, Charles has spent the last 12 months connecting both sides and strengthening the monarchy’s role.

Vernon Bogdanor, a renowned constitutional expert and historian in the UK, told CNN, “The first year is, for many people, consolidation and continuity.”

“Britain is now a multinational state, divided into four parts, and he has visited every part of the UK after accession, and I believe that he is very aware of that,” said Professor Bogdanor, and it’s a very multicultural society, and he is very sensitive and aware of that too.”

Royal Holloway, University of London’s Professor Craig Prescott, an expert in constitutional law, agrees that the first year for Charles could not have gone much better.

Prescott mentioned, “For many people, there was just a worry about what King Charles would be like, and in fact, he’s followed his mother’s example very closely, And the fact that he’s doing well with a very smooth first year is quite remarkable.”

“Monarchy can’t stay the same, and it has to move with the times,” Bogdanor said. “If it moves too far, it loses support. If it doesn’t move far enough, it loses support. Getting the right amount of balance is very difficult here.”

Prescott said,”It’s not going to be the same, and it needs to move forward, If it moves too far forward, it loses its support. If it doesn’t move forward enough, it loses its support.”

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